Ultra Clean

Increase the longevity of your machine – make sure you use clean hoses

When a hose is cut, rubber and steel particles are left inside the hose as residue. These particles remain settled in the hose because the rubber becomes sticky after it has been heated up from friction by a blade or saw which then cools down resulting in the particles siting firmly within the hose.

We recommend that you fire a foam projectile through the hose, starting from one end and then repeating the process starting at the other end. It is important to repeat the process at the end other as well, since you need to remove the dirt that sits where the mouth-piece from the gun is.

Afterwards you need to mount the plugs/ferrules by putting pressure on to the hose and push them properly in your hose crimper. Afterwards, another projectile must be fired through the hose to remove the dirt which may have arisen from the hose crimping process. Finally, the ends must be sealed with rubber plugs or tape so that outside dirt is unable to get into the freshly cleaned hose.

With Ultra Clean equipment we can achieve cleanliness levels equivalent to ISO 18/16/13, ask our technicians for more information.

Warning: Do not use projectiles made of recycled plastic, it is vital to use high quality solid foam projectiles. Ultra Clean has projectiles in various sizes and thicknesses with competitive pricing.