Danitech A/S will try in the best way to give its customers a fair consideration regarding returning of mistakenly ordered/mistakenly delivered shipments and also complaints.

This will happen according to the described rules in our Terms of Sale and Delivery. To ensure our customers the best service, the below MUST be followed:


1. Goods can only be returned, after preceding agreement - this means a call has to be made to Danitech, before returning the goods.

2. During the phone call, Danitech will provide you a return number, which customers have to apply to the goods BEFORE returning.

3. A copy of the invoice of purchase must be applied! By this the customer is ensured a correct Credit Memo (from the invoice, date of purchase, and price appears).

4. The goods must be unused and in an undamaged condition.

5. The returning must happen latest one month after receipt. If later, Danitech reserves the right for a reduction in the credited amount. Any return of goods, which are caused by mistakenly ordering by customers, are imposed with a return fee of 15% of the price (the fee is however at least 100 DDK).

6. Specially procured goods and goods which customers have painted in an unoriginal colour, will not be taken back.

7. NOTICE: In the situations where goods have been returned to Danitech WITHOUT a proceeding agreement, a considerable longer period of processing has to be taken in account. In worst case, we will simply return the goods to you ex works, and without consideration of the case.

Download Complaint Form


1. The complaint form must be submitted together with the goods, filled in with a detailed failure description and the other fields specified in the form. The form contains the information necessary for processing the case at Danitech. You can find the link to the form below.

2. If a complaint is rejected, an invoice will be sent to the customer on the expenses, Danitech has incurred in processing the complaint.

3. In situations where the product is forwarded to Danitech without a properly completed complaint form, it may result in significantly longer processing time or, in worst case, rejection of the complaint.