The privacy policy applies to Danitech A/S and other subsidiaries within the concern, together referred to as "Danitech Group" in what follows:

Danitech A/S
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Danitech Production A/S
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Danitech bv
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VAT - 804095383B01

T: +31 (0) 715 417 704
F: +31 (0) 715 419 106

The policy will help to ensure and document that the Danitech Group protects all personal information in accordance with the conditions described in the General Data Protection Regulation. The policy also specifies how registered personal data is processed and used.


1. Inventory of the handling of personal information

Danitech Group handles personal information about:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers

We have prepared a record of personal data processing activities. The record provides an overview of the data processing activities for which the company is responsible.

Personal data is a requirement that allows Danitech Group to enter into employment, customer and supplier contracts.


2. Purpose and lawfulness of processing data

Personal data is processed and archived in connection with:

  • Staff administration, including recruitment, employment, termination of employment and the payment of salary and wages.
  • Master data for customers as well as for marketing, orders and sales
  • Master data for suppliers as well as for requisitions and purchases

We only use personal data for the specified purposes, and we only collect the data that is necessary to fulfil the given purpose.


3. Storage and deletion

Danitech Group has implemented the following overall guidelines for storing and deleting personal data:

  • Personal data is stored in physical folders.
  • Personal data is stored in IT systems and on server drives.
  • Personal data is only stored for as long as is necessary for the given purpose for which it is processed.
  • Personal data for employees is deleted five years after the period of employment comes to an end, and personal data about job applicants is deleted after six months.


4. Data security

Danitech Group has implemented the following security measures to protect personal data:

  • Only employees who have a work-related need for accessing recorded personal data have access to the same, either physically or through IT systems with rights management.
  • All computers have access codes, and the employees may not transfer their access codes to others.
  • Computers must have firewalls and anti-virus programs that are regularly updated.
  • Personal data is deleted in a responsible manner in the event of the phase-out or repair of IT equipment.
  • USB drives, external hard drives, etc. containing personal data must be stored in locked cabinets or drawers.
  • Physical folders are kept in locked offices or in locked cabinets.
  • Personal data in physical folders is destroyed by shredding.
  • Personal data that must be sent via e-mail to external recipients is sent via secure e-mail.
  • All employees are to be instructed in how to handle and protect personal data.


5. Transfer

Personal data about the employees can be transferred to public authorities, such as the Danish Tax Authority (SKAT) and pension funds.


6. Data processors

Danitech Group exclusively uses data processors that can guarantee that they will carry out suitable technical and organisational safety measures to satisfy legal requirements that apply to personal data.


7. Rights

Danitech Group attends to the data subject's rights, including the right to access, withdraw consent, correction and deletion, and to inform the data subjects about the company's processing of personal data. Data subjects have the right to lodge complaints with the Danish Data Protection Agency.


8. Personal data security breach

In the event of a breach in personal data security, Danitech Group will notify the Danish Data Protection Agency as quickly as possible and within 72 hours of the breach in question. The company's CFO is responsible for ensuring this occurs. In the notification, the breach is to be described along with a specification of which groups are affected, what consequences the breach may have for these individuals, as well as how Danitech Group has rectified or will rectify the breach. In the event that the breach constitutes a high risk for the individuals for whom Danitech Group processes personal data, said individuals will be informed.

Danitech Group documents all personal data security breaches.




Policy for processing and protecting personal data collected on websites. What follows is an account of how Danitech Group uses the personal data you leave and/or submit when you visit our websites or use different services on our websites.


1. Collection of personal data

You will always be informed before any of your personal data is collected. The personal data we collect may include, for example, your name, your e-mail address, your private address and other identification information.


2. Use of personal data

Personal data is collected and used in connection with:

  • Subscribing to newsletters
  • Administration of user accounts/profiles
  • Participation in contests or other events
  • Sending other marketing material, including invitations to events
  • Statistics
  • Other marketing activities

Please note that the uses mentioned above will only occur if you provide your prior consent, unless the law allows us to contact you without your prior consent.

Your data will be deleted when we no longer need to process it in order to fulfil one or more of the purposes mentioned above. The data may be processed and stored for a longer period of time in anonymised form.

Newsletter subscriptions will be passed on to a third party (Mailchimp), which will provide services on behalf of Danitech Group. Danitech is not responsible for the personal data security of any third party's suppliers. In the event that data is passed on to any other party, Mailchimp shall be responsible for protecting said data. You can read more here about Mailchimps privacy policy.


3. Cookies

We use cookies on our websites in order to provide user-friendly websites with information that is relevant to you. A cookie is a small text file that is saved in your browser. In practice, this means that our websites can recognise you when you visit our websites again in the future, and that we can keep statistics that tell us how you and other users use our websites. The first time you visit one of our websites, you will be notified that we use cookies.

We use cookies from Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick and Hotjar.

You have the option of blocking all cookies, erasing existing cookies from your computer, or receiving a notification before a cookie is saved. You can obtain further information about how to avoid cookies by clicking on this link:

You should be aware that if you link to other third-party sites from Danitech Group's websites, new cookies may be installed that Danitech Group has no control over. Here, it is your responsibility to inform yourself of the website's cookie policy.


4. Security

We have implemented security measures to ensure our internal procedures live up to our high security policy standards. We strive to protect the quality and integrity of your personal data to the greatest degree.


5. Access to your personal data, etc.

You are entitled at any time to access the personal data about you that we process, though there are certain legal exceptions. You furthermore have the right to object to the collection and sharing of your personal data, just as you also have the right to have your personal data deleted or blocked.


6. Links to other websites, etc.

Our websites may contain links to other websites or to integrated sites. We are not responsible for the content of other companies' websites or their practice in connection with the collection of personal data. When you visit other websites, you should read the site owner's policy regarding the protection of personal data as well as other relevant policies.


7. Changes to your data, etc.

Please contact us at if: you would like for us to update, modify or delete personal data about you that we have recorded; if you would like access to the personal data about you that we process; if you do not wish to receive any more messages from us; or if you have questions regarding the above guidelines.

You can also write to us at the following address:

Danitech A/S
Bredholm 4
DK-6100 Haderslev

The current privacy policy can be found at any time on our website.

Any changes, adjustments, revisions, etc. shall apply from the time at which they are published on our websites. The same applies to previously recorded personal data.


Date: May 24th, 2018